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Like mysteries? Take your pick. The only certainty you’ll find in my books is that someone is going to die and the killer will be caught.

Several Hetty Fox and Melanie Hart books are on the market with more on the way. A third book in the Murderous Tales series is also in production.


The Books:


Hetty Fox is a recent widow who moves to a small town in Central Illinois to live closer to her daughter. Said daughter is worried about her mother carrying on in Chicago on her own.

Hetty’s found a house she loves on top of a bluff with a panoramic view of the town below, but it comes with a surprise. Either the ghost of her college sweetheart has moved in with her, or her mind is not quite what it should be. The only consolation is that her ornery cat apparently sees the apparition, too. Now, if she only could get them to stop fighting.

Meanwhile, the three of them keep discovering corpses and hunting down killers. What else is an aging woman living in a small town to do? If she didn’t have her knitting and said murders to solve, Hetty is certain she would go bonkers living in such an out-of-the-way location.

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Melanie Hart is a young, small-town journalist with the dubious honor of working for her father. She chose this fate because she likes the town and wants to take over the newspaper when her father retires.

The Cloverton Gazette had been in the family’s hands since it was founded in the 1850s. But it was a different era back then as newspapers struggle today a maintain a profit. Melanie knows keeping the paper alive going forward will be a difficult task.

Meanwhile, Melanie has fallen into the habit of helping the local Police Chief solve murders. She’s pushed into this pursuit by a local, forward salon owner by the name of Ginger Black. Together, they tackle crime and sometimes each other.

The cover above is from the current work in progress which features a tale from sidekick, Ginger Black  Ginger is not known for being the calmest person living in Cloverton.

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The Murderous Tales series is compriised of two stand alone books involving the efforts of various women to solve crimes or survive when murder walks into their lives, They are, as I’ve tagged them. tales of murder and suspense.

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 Anna Drake
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Anna Drake is the author of three mystery series, two of which are small-town cozies. A graduate of Western Illinois University, Anna spent thirteen years in Chicago. She now lives with her cat, Jasper, in a small, Illinois town. She is the mother of three grown sons,   who  have families of their own. When not writing, Anna enjoys quilting, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.

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